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Bulk and Industrial Division

TriGas Latin America offers a dedicated fleet of cryogenic ISO tanks to service our customers 


  • ISO Containers: Liquid Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, CO2, and Ethylene.  

  • Liquid Helium Dewars.

  • Tube Trailers: Helium, Hydrogen.

  • Medical, Industrial, Specialty Gases, EPA Protocol.

  • Bulk hydrocarbons: ethylene, ethane, n-butane, Isobutane, propane, propylene, methane.

  • On-Location Production: long term gas supply hydrogen, CO, O2, N2 AR, compressed air plants. Pipeline delivery of atmospheric gases.





High Pressure Cylinders



  • Complete line of Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gases.

  • MicroMAT.





DOT Certified 20 foot and 40 foot Jumbo Tube Trailers




  • Helium Tube Trailer.

  • Hydrogen Tube Trailers.





Specialty Gases



  • Precision, high purity specialty gases and gas mixtures for research and manufacturing.


  • High purity hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon mixtures – cylinder and bulk supply.


  • Precision blended calibration mixtures for EPA Protocols.





Dewars & Steel Cylinder



Are vacuum insulated, stainless steel containers designed to store and transport cryogenic liquid oxygen, nitrogen or argon. Built to DOT 4L standards, these containers may be used for over the road transportation of cryogenic fluids, as well as on-site storage and supply in a wide range of applications.


Dewars for Liquid Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.



Steel Cylinder:


Steel pressurized gas cylinders are used to store breathable air, fuel, and working gases for use in a variety of industrial, commercial, and personal applications.

Other Products


  • Industrial Gases.

  • Specialty Gases.

  • Medical gases and Equipment.

  • Cutting and Welding Gases.

  • On-Location Gas Generation.

  • On-Location  Air Separation.

  • Gas Purification Systems.

  • Gas detection Systems.

  • Gas Handling Equipment.

  • Welding and Safety Products.


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