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Liquid Helium


Trigas Latinamerica


TRIGAS LATIN AMERICA delivers helium direct to your company in Central, South America and the Caribbean from Matheson TriGas Global Helium Group (MGH), one of only six industrial gas companies in the world who have direct access to sources of helium. The company currently has access to supply from three of the world's fifteen helium sources and operates a global network of seventeen helium transfill.

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Company Profile 


TRIGAS/Liquid Helium
Dewars 250 & 500 liters


  • Available in dewars 250 liters & 500 liters capacity.


  • Meets United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) for air transportation.


  • Our customs agent can handle all your shipping requirements.




Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

TRIGAS also provides:


  • Helium high pressure non-magnetic cylinders.


  • MRI Service tools.

  • Complete MRI Services:

        Telemetry monitoring.

        Cold-head and compressor repairs.



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